11 May 2014

Cruise News: New ships to sail in America

The Queen of the West, currently operating in
the Pacific Northwest, USA.
Photo: American Cruise Lines
American Cruise Lines has confirmed it will be placing the first of four upcoming newbuilds on the Mississippi River, where it currently operates its newest riverboat, Queen of the Mississippi. The second newbuild will operate in the Pacific Northwest on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, where the line is already operating the 120-passenger Queen of the West. Construction of both new riverboats is well underway.
The new Mississippi riverboat will have a similar capacity to Queen of the Mississippi at 150 passengers, and will enter service in March of 2015. The new Columbia riverboat will follow later that same year. It will be slightly larger than American Cruise Lines’ other riverboats, with a planned capacity of 175 passengers. Similar in design, both will feature fully functioning paddlewheels.      
Queen of the West on the Columbia River, USA.
Photo: American Cruise Lines
The two new ships, which haven’t been named yet, will enable American Cruise Lines to offer expanded itineraries on the Mississippi River System and the Columbia and Snake Rivers, adding new cruise options for those looking to experience these regions. The line currently runs numerous eight-day cruises on both rivers, offering various themes from wine and jazz music, to Mark Twain and the Lewis & Clark expedition.
The company says the new ships will feature the largest, most well-appointed staterooms on the rivers, and that almost all staterooms will have large sliding glass doors offering panoramic views and entirely private balconies. A glass-enclosed dining room and various spacious lounge venues are also planned.

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